Installation & repairs in Newcastle, NSW

Whitegood Repairs in Newcastle, NSW

Home Appliance Maintenance

Alpine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning maintains, repairs and installs whitegoods such as washing machines, dryers, stoves and dishwashers under warranty. We service all clients throughout Newcastle for their residential, commercial or industrial needs.

Repairing home appliances can be a tedious task if you are not skilled and experienced to dismantle your home equipment. Well trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills to repair and maintain your whitegoods.

Plumber Checking Washing Machine - Alpine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning In West Wallsend,NSW
Electrician In Overall Checking Television- Alpine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning In West Wallsend,NSW

Hiring Our
Team of Professional Technicians

Fixing your whitegoods can help you save time, energy, and ultimately money; and it is relatively cheaper than buying brand new.

Our team at Alpine Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can give you a helping hand with your whitegoods. Whether you’re looking for a repair job, or simple maintenance, we can assist.